Typical Nelson/Tasman Building Issues

Background information on some typical building issues found in the Nelson/Tasman region.

pile to bearer connections. Earthquake protection. Nelson Building Reports
  • Houses with sub-standard sub-floor framing may be shaken from their piles. On a sloping site this may endanger lives.

  • It wasn’t until April 1978 that insulation became a required building element in all new built New Zealand homes.

  • Identifying leaky Dux Qest polybutylene water piping
  • When those pipes leak they can be like a tap, full blast, except inside your walls.

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  • Smoke alarms? Are they still an issue?

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  • If potentially leaky buildings do leak and structural damage occurs all costs of repairs are now totally the responsibility of the current owner.

  • Glazing is now recognised as a significant safety hazard.

  • Yikes!! That shower is suddenly all cold water!!

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  • The good news is that asbestos is actually relatively stable, and can remain inert for many years, particularly if covered in paint.

  • Many of the issues itemised in a report are simple to fix.

  • When buying a house the buyer should do their research.

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  • Readings on a piece of technology should not override experience and expertise.

  • Some may think that finding 30 or more items with a standard house pre-purchase inspection is excessive.

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  • Real estate agents are salespeople who work for the seller of the house.

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  • The test is: “If a friend was wanting to buy this house, would they want this knowledge?”

  • Structure only reports. Nelson Building Reports.
  • A structural report is exactly that.

    A full written report appraising structural elements that are accessible and visible.

  • lead based paint. Nelson Building Reports
  • Lead based paint is generally not a major issue if covered by newer paint. When sealed it can remain dormant indefinitely. It becomes a health hazard issue when the underlying paint is disturbed.

  • verbal building reports are not a good idea. Nelson Building Reports
  • Verbal communication is not an efficient method to transfer a large quantity of complex information.

  • The best method to inhibit borer infestation in the sub-floor area of the house is to limit the humidity by having adequate sub-floor ventilation, and installing a polythene ground covering sheet if the ground beneath the house is often damp.

  • LIM, Land Information Memorandum reports
    electrical switchboard, fusebox and wiring
  • There are a few issues with electrical safety in a house. Old electrical wiring. Overloaded electrical circuits. Fuseboxes.

  • pre-purchase house inspection moisture testing with a Protimeter Surveymaster. Nelson Building Reports.
  • Moisture. The enemy of materials used in the construction of buildings.

  • meth testing New Zealand homes
  • Recommendation: still test the house if it has been tenanted for extended periods of time, but don’t be concerned unless the methamphetamine levels are slightly over the new 15 µg limit.

  • cladding/ground level building issues | Nelson Building Reports
  • These height differences are intended to prevent water from flowing inside the house in flood conditions.

  • stucco issues | Nelson Building Reports
  • It is presumed the exterior stucco will in fact leak, and that water needs a way to exit rather than getting into the building structure.

  • four types of sub-floor insulation | Nelson Building Reports
  • Despite being more expensive it is worth installing polyester batts rather than fibreglass as polyester is self-supporting.

  • Treated timber was made compulsory once again in all building work from April 2004.