30 building issues?

Are 30 items in a pre-purchase building report a big deal?

Some may think that finding 30 or more items with a standard inspection is excessive.

In the many inspections I have done over the years it seems that 30 is quite common.

That’s not 30 faults.

It’s 30 issues of varying degrees of urgency: Major or Minor Defects, Safety Hazards, Maintenance items, and Recommendations.

Here are my definitions of the terms used in reports:

Major Defect. An external, or internal, load-bearing building element which seriously affects the structural integrity of the property.

Urgent Safety Hazard. A defect of sufficient degree where repairs need to be carried out urgently to avoid unsafe conditions, or further substantial structural deterioration of the property. Lack of a smoke alarm is the most commonly instance.

Minor Defect. Any item requiring repair, or replacement, which can be common to homes of a similar age or type. May include incomplete work.

Safety Hazard. Any item that may have an impact on the health or safety of the occupants.

Maintenance. Items require ongoing maintenance to prevent building defects from developing.

Recommendation. A suggestion for future improvement to the home. For example, upgrading to a main pressure hot water system.

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