Trust that technology?

Before I launched my home inspection career officially in Nelson I was asked by an old friend to have a look at a house. She wanted a second opinion, having commissioned a home pre-purchase inspection report for her new house. It stated a shower was “leaking” into an adjacent bedroom.

I agreed to have a look, and brought my moisture meter.

Moisture levels in the bedroom were slightly elevated.

I moved the bed and examined the area.

No staining of the wall. No deterioration of the carpet. No damp smell.

The room had been a teenage boy’s bedroom on the south side of the house. The window was closed and despite double glazing there was some condensation on the window.

A more likely explanation was the teenage boy factor, and a lack of ventilation.

Verdict: no leak. This should not be a long term issue.

Readings on a piece of technology should not override experience and expertise.

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