A sticking front door?

I showed one of my reports to a real estate agent.

“What’s this? A sticking front door?”

“That isn’t an issue. That can be fixed in five minutes.”

So why wasn’t it fixed?

Many of the issues itemised in a pre-purchase inspection report are simple to fix. That means they should have been sorted before the house comes onto the market.

A sticking front door is not a fault, but it is a maintenance issue. If I don’t mention such an obvious point as a badly sticking front door what credibility does my report have for the buyer?

Conclusion: many houses are not well prepared for the market.

You should have your house looking the best, most attractive it can be. Fix broken light switches, cupboard doors coming off their hinges, dripping taps.

That doesn’t mean everything needs to be perfect.

A fully renovated bathroom with those orange tiles might not be to everyone’s, err, anyone’s taste. It often better to not spend money on those types of improvements, you may well not have a return on your money.

But please fix all those minor issues.

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