"Structure Only" reports

Yes, I do “Structure Only” reports.

Comprehensive written reports for both residential and commercial properties.

They are usually charged on an hourly basis: $145 including GST an hour. With a minimum charge for three hours, because that’s about how long it takes to make arrangements for access with the agent, drive to the property, inspect the house, including the sub-floor and roof space, drive back, investigate council Overlays, write up the report, and respond to any queries.

A Structure Only report assesses the visible structural issues:

Council Resource Management Plan Overlays. Identify whether the building is in a Tahuna Slump, Grampians, or Fault zones. (Outlines the implications if it is.)

Slope of the land and any retaining walls.

Type, number and spacing of piles.

Deterioration of sub-floor structure.

Pile to bearer connections.

Sub-floor bracing.

Depth of footing, if accessible.

Cracking or misalignment in walls.

Stability of chimneys.

Size and spacing of roof structural members.

Top plate to roof structure connections.

Roof beams.

Remedial work to the roof structure if interior walls removed.

Roof bracing.

A structural report is exactly that.

A full written report on any structural element that is accessible and visible, whether or not it is defective. A standard pre-purchase inspection report only notes defective items.

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